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As my magazine column, "DCC Currents", in Model Railroader is published, I will be providing links here mentioned in the column. You can book mark this page for future use.




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Manufacturers of DCC equipment manufacturers.htm
Electronic parts distributors parts.htm (use red menu on right to find a specific distributor)
Wiring for DCC Q&A Fourm


February 2021 "DCC, DC, or both"
Locomotive Installs
March 2021 "Digitrax UT6D throttle and Peco Unifrogs"
April 2021 "Working with reversing sections"
Reversing sections
Digitrax BXPA1 & NCE AR10
May 2021 Sound in a Walthers E9A
Digitrax, Soundtraxx manufacturers.htm
June 2021 Easy feeder attachment with resistance soldering
H&N Electronics
Soldering - Wiring for DCC
Resistance soldering demo. (I'm not good at making videos yet.)
July 2021 Controlling your Walthers turntable with DCC
Automatic control of power to roundhouse stall tracks.
Walthers Advanced Control Module instructions.

August 2021 Upgrading entry-level DCC systems
Digitrax, NCE, and WiFiTrax manufacturers.htm
September 2021 Block detection for signaling
Digitrax, JBWheelSets, Logic Rail Technologies, NCE manufacturers.htm
October 2021 Advanced Automatic Reverse Section Controllers
DCC Specialties, Digikeijs, Digitrax, NCE manufacturers.htm
Digitrax KB1058 for BXPA1
November 2021 Walthers New Turnout
DCC Friendly Turnout definition
Walthers turnout availability
Atlas Signal Control Board

SCB Manual

Peco 3-way turnout
December 2021 Resuscitating a Lifeless Locomotive
JMRI wwwtips.htm
January 2022 Digitrax DS74


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