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As my magazine column, "DCC Currents", in Model Railroader is published, I will be providing links here mentioned in the column. You can book mark this page for future use.




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Manufacturers of DCC equipment manufacturers.htm
Electronic parts distributors parts.htm (use red menu on right to find a specific distributor)
Wiring for DCC Q&A Fourm
Prior Years dcc_currents_prior.htm


January 2022 Digitrax DS74
Circuitron Tortoise Tortoise (
February 2022 Implementing Stay Alive Circuits
Digitrax, ESU, NCE, Soundtraxx, TCS
March 2022 Using Servo Motors to Control Turnouts & Peco Unifrog
Tam Valley Depot
April 2022 Wiring block detectors
Circuitron Tortoise
May 2022 Walthers Layout Control System - Servo Turnout Control
WiThrottle for iPhone
Engine Driver for Android
Walthers LCS detailed instructions
Click on "See the entire system!"
Then click on "Full Instructions"

June 2022 Wires & Tools
Digitrax, NCE, Soundtraxx, TCS manufacturers.htm
All Electronics, Digikey, Jameco, Mouser


July 2022 Using mini and cell phone speakers
Soundtraxx, TCS manufacturers.htm
August 2022 Useful connectors
NCE, Nixtrains, Soundtrax, TCS manufacturers.htm
DX Engineering
All Electronics, Jameco, Digikey, Mouser parts.htm
September 2022 Mind the Gap
No links this month.  
October 2022 PSXX Electronic Circuit Breaker from DCC Specialties
PSXX Technical Information
All Electronics parts.htm
November 2022 Peco SmartSwitch
Peco, Walthers manufacturers.htm
December 2022 Soundtraxx Blunami
NCE, Soundtraxx manufacturers.htm
Soundtraxx YouTube videos
Soundtraxx manuals
January 2023 Shining Light on Light Emitted Diodes (LEDs)
All Electronics, Digikey, Jameco, Mouser parts.htm
Circuitron, NCE, NixTrainz, Walthers manufacturers.htm
February 2023 Wiring Turntables
No links this month.  
March 2023 Turnout and Frog Wiring
No links this month.  
April 2023 Wiring Programming Tracks
No links this month.  
May 2023 Circuitron's SMAIL DCC Tortoise
SMAIL instructions
June 2023 First Decoder Install
NCE and Soundtraxx manufacturers.htm
All Electronics parts.htm
July 2023 Setting Up JMRI & DecoderPro
JMRI Users Group
Digikeijs DR5000 setup video
August 2023 Smart Phone & WiFi Throttles
Digitrax and WiFiTrax manufacturers.htm
September 2023 Switches


(All Electronics is now going out of business - get your best deals before they close their doors by the end of August)

NCE manufacturers.htm
Octboer 2023 DCC Specialties PSXX-AR & Block Watcher
DCC Specialties


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