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Do you want to build, perhaps even design, your own DCC decoders and command stations?  Do you want to use a computer to control trains or use it as a command station? Then check out these sites.

DCC-PC                    Ken Jesser's using a PC for a
                                            stationary decoder with digital I/O boards.

JLC Enterprises                   Dr. Bruce Chubb's DCC Optimized Detector and C/MRI - kits or assembled.

Max' Model RR Pages         Control a Walthers Turntable with DCC. A project by Bert Holmes.                                   

MERG                                Model Electronic Railway Group - A do-it-yourself entire DCC system.

Minibox                       Loconet command station.

MiniDCC                            Build your own command station and booster.

Open DCC                Site available in German and English.

Paco DCC                Full DCC system - booster, locomotive decoder,
                                          function decoder, accessory decoder, feedback modules, computer.

Railroad Circuits      All sorts of circuits
                                          for the model railroader.

Rob Paisley Circuits         Circuit for adapting your multimeter for use with DCC.

Railroad & Co.                   Windows software for operating your DCC or other control system with a

RocRail                      Software and/or hardware. There is software to allow a layout to
                                           be controlled from a computer using many commercial or DIY DCC Command stations.
                                           There is also a full DIY command station and booster.

TMWDCC                A simple, inexpensive DCC system.

Wayne Roderick         DCC projects, detectors, etc.


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