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My Initial Experiences with Products New to Me

As I build my new model railroad, here are my experiences with the products that have come my way. I may update some of these as my experience with a given product grows.

I plan to point out things I found interesting or notable features that may help you make a purchase.

Manufacturer Product Description Comments
Digitrax BD4N Occupancy Detector  
Digitrax BXP88 Occupancy Detector, Transponding, and Power Management for 8 zones  
Digitrax BXPA1 Occupancy Detector, Transponding, Auto Reverser, and Power Management for 1 zone.  
Digitrax DCS52 Zephyr Express entry level DCC system with new keypad and color display
Digitrax DT602D Advanced Duplex (Radio) Super Throttle  
Digitrax SHABC HO Scale Turnout Signaling Kit  
NCE AR10 Auto reverser and circuit breaker  
NCE Wiring kit Bus wire, feeders, and connectors for joining your wiring.  
NCE CP6 Current limiting lamps (low-cost alternative to electronic circuit breakers).  
NCE EB1 ver. 1.1 Revised electronic circuit breaker with new, lower initial trip point of 1.5A  
NCE Switch8-Mk2 & Button Board Slow-motion turnout accessory decoder and add-on input board for use with control panels.  
NCE Light-It Universal lighting and signal decoder General purpose lighting controller.
NCE Mini-Panel Automation Controller  
NCE Illuminator DCC controller for Woodland Scenics Just Plug system.

General purpose lighting controller.
NixTrainz Decoder Buddy 21-pin decoder motherboard  
NixTrainz Decoder Buddy Mini 21-pin decoder motherboard mini  
Voltscooter Electronics Automatic Fuses

Current limiting solid state devices (low-cost alternative to lamps or electronic circuit breakers).



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