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People Pictures of the

"The Move a Rock, Take a Break Road"


When the weather is good and we get to set everything out, this is what you get!

Shotgun Wedding

Shotgun Wedding
Complete with pregnant bride, crying mother, and double-barrel shotgun!

Man fishing

The F&W is proud to feature the carved figures of Jack Wollschaleager.

Petticoat Junction

Petticoat Junction
Jack's figures and rollingstock can be found at his website: http://mysite.verizon.net/jwollschlaeger

Mechanic Under Car

Mechanic under vehicle jacked up on cinderblocks.

Fly fisherman
Boy with fishing pole

While the bears wait in the hills to raid the trash, enjoy some fresh mountain apples!

"Tunnel Maintenance and Security" You stick your hand in the tunnel!

Mason's Jars "Fine Stemware for the Discriminatin' Redneck" Used Exclusively by Po Folks Resturants. Available at Walmart Supercenters and Flea Markets Everywhere. It's common for resturants to use mason jars with handles as glasses in the southeast US. Admittedly, they are inexpensive and thick and durable. All in all, probably not really a bad idea at all!

Your Gas Tank, Your Radiator, Your Liver. White Lightnin', the official NASCAR additive for you and your car!
Wouldn't moonshine runners have loved to ship by rail???

Enjoy that fine mountain fishing. "This ain't no pay lake!"

"When the road's not clear, drive like a railroad engineer. Take it easy. Berma-Shave."

Whatever you do, don't upset the dog, "Killer!"

If Dillsboro, NC was built of birdhouses!

Dillsboro serves as one end of the Great Smoky Mountain Railway.

Be sure to ride it and visit all the shops! Dillsboro is where we started collecting birdhouses.

If you didn't spend your money in Dillsboro, try the casino.

Horse Apple Trestle, like Horse Apple Viaduct (with yellow boxcar on it in background), was built to endure being pelted by falling horse apples (seen elsewhere in this web page.) These are about the size of grapefruits and may fall 40' before hitting. During the fall, you work cautiously in this part of the yard or wear a hard hat!

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