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DCC Equipment Manufacturers

Before jumping to these other links, you may want to save my URL in your list of favorite places. Thank you for stopping by.  I hope I have been of some help to you. Warning: Some of these manufacturers and sellers don't want you to be able to visit sites other than their own. So be sure you have my site bookmarked in case you need it to get back here.

As many of these companies have learned to use the Internet as a selling tool, they are providing information about their products as well as comparisons. The comparisons are especially true of those that I have marked by bolding them. Be sure to check the manufacturer's sites and the comparison sites. There is a lot of good information out there and some of it may be more timely.

Atlas Model Railroad Co.  Manufacturer of DCC systems and accessories.

Bachmann Industries          Manufacturer of DCC systems.

DCC BitSwitch                  Special circuits for braking at signals, merging lines, timed stops, automatic passing
                                          sidings, function relays, signal controls. Automated Traffic controls for special
                                          conditions or totally automatic operation.

DCC Depot                       Installs decoders in your locomotives.

DCCMB                           DCC system using a PC as a command station.

DCC Specialties                Decoder designed specifically for Tortoise! Even throws turnout if
                                         train approaches turnout from wrong direction. Also makes power
                                         programmer for Broadway Limited sound systems and other DCC

H&N Electronics              Manufacturer of "super-safe" liquid flux.  

John Kabat                       Downloadable software for PR-1.

JLC Enterprises                Dr. Bruce Chubb's DCC Optimized Detector and C/MRI - kits or assembled.

JMRI                                Java-based DCC computer control software.

KAM Industries               Easy decoder CV programming and other DCC computer control

LaisDcc                           Manufacturer of DCC decoders and installation service.

LGB                                 Manufacturer of MTS, a DCC compatiable system.
                                        Not recommended for non LGB locomotives.

Lenz Elektronik                Manufacturer of a full line of DCC equipment. .

Model Rectifier Corp.      Manufacturer of DCC systems and accessories.

NCE                                 Manufacturer of a full line of DCC equipment including kit decoders
                                         and boosters.

Railroad & Co.                 Windows software for operating your DCC or other control system
                                         with a PC.

Real Rail Effects               Manufacturer of DCC compatible sound system.

RR-Cirkits                       Electronics for model railroads

Springhaven Shops           Manufacturers a transformer kit and a "completer" for the PR-1.
                                        What's a completer?  If you have a PR-1, ask them!

Soundtraxx                       Manufacturer of combination DCC decoder and sound system.

System Five-O                 Uncoupling.com. Manufacturer of cars with DCC controlled uncouplers.

Team Digital                     DCC turnout and signaling products.

Tony's Train Exchange     Manufacturer of DCC accessories like circuit breakers, auto
                                            reversers and ammeter. Also sells a wide variety of DCC equipment
                                            from most DCC manufacturers and performs decoder and sound
                                            decoder installations.

Train Control Systems       Manufacturer of decoders.

Trainwizard                       DCC computer control software.

Win-Digi-Pet                    Computer control software for Märklin-Digital /
                                         Uhlenbrock/Modeltreno Intellibox components

Zimo Elektronik                Manufacturer of a full line of DCC equipment.

Debbie Ames does a good job of maintaining a DCC manufacturer's list.  If you don't see your favorite manufacturer here, visit the Tried & True Trains page.


If you are manufacturer, feel free to send me any printed matter, especially manuals, so that I may help others.  Please let me know if I can reproduce your diagrams.  Better yet, send me the diagrams already digitized!  (Hey, it never hurts to ask.)


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Thanks to all who contribute to this site and the Q&A forum!