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My Initial Experiences with Products New to Me

As I build my new model railroad, here are my experiences with the products that have come my way. I may update some of these as my experience with a given product grows.

I plan to point out things I found interesting or notable features that may help you make a purchase.

Manufacturer Product Description Comments
NCE AR10 Auto reverser and circuit breaker  
NCE Wiring kit Bus wire, feeders, and connectors for joining your wiring.  
NCE CP6 Current limiting lamps (low-cost alternative to electronic circuit breakers).  
NCE EB1 ver. 1.1 Revised electronic circuit breaker with new, lower initial trip point of 1.5A  
NCE Switch8-Mk2 & Button Board Slow-motion turnout accessory decoder and add-on input board for use with control panels.  
NCE Light-It Universal lighting and signal decoder  
NixTrainz Decoder Buddy 21-pin decoder motherboard  
NixTrainz Decoder Buddy Mini 21-pin decoder motherboard mini  
Voltscooter Electronics Automatic Fuses

Current limiting solid state devices (low-cost alternative to lamps or electronic circuit breakers).



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